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Product Details :
Many of our websites are provided free of charge and/or with a free hosting offer. This is to help our customers to develop multiple streams of passive income without risk. There is no minumum contract period, so you can cancel before the end of any free trial or at any time thereafter without penalty or additional cost. All websites come with installation and configuration instructions - simple enough for a child to understand - and require no prior knowledge of website programming. All customers also receive access to further information and resources to ensure that your website venture is a success. It is a condition of use for all websites supplied by us that they be hosted exclusively on our servers.
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FSO Affiliate Car Loan Website - (3 Months Free Hosting )
  This dynamic website is designed to create profits for you by attracting and helping people who seek assistance in finding a car loan in Australia.

Open to : direct affiliates of Financial Services Online.
  Earn substantial, ongoing affiliate commissions in the Australian Financial Services sector with this powerful Dynamic Affiliate Website designed exclusively to generate passive income through leading Australian lead generation web portal Financial Services Online.

Features Incude;
  • instant installation - so your website business will be up and running in minutes

  • easy-to-use administration page where you can control all aspects of your website

  • select from over 100 design variations

  • quick, easy customisation that will make your website unique to you with minimal effort

  • highly relevant content that changes dynamically to appeal both to visitors and search engines

  • automated link exchange module to help increase the popularity of your website

  • integrated news module to further increase the relevance and appeal of your website business

  • a proven revenue model that turns visitors to your website into profit for you

  • no programming knowledge or experience necessary

  • ***
    You will receive income of $7.50 for every car loan enquiry referred from your website plus additional fees and bonuses for other subsequent enquiries made from your referrals. Full remuneration and bonus details are available in your Financial Services Online Affiliate Zone.
    Account Setup Information
    When you order the FSO Affiliate Car Loan Website - (3 Months Free Hosting ) you will be transferred to Paypal's website where you will provide credit card details for processing your monthly web hosting instalments. No payments are processed during any free or trial period.

    Once you have entered your payment details with Paypal you will be returned here ... at which time your new website is installed INSTANTLY and at NO CHARGE.

    You will receive a welcome email containing full, easy-to-follow instructions on how you can have your new website operating and ready for business within minutes!

    We will also provide FREE tools, insider information ... and a host of other powerful resources to help you make the most from your new website so you can be generating income even faster.

    This plan is a sub-domain plan ... meaning that there is no need for you to register a domain name because your plan is setup as a subset of one of ours. i.e. www.yoursitename.ourdomainname.com.au.

    You will be given the opportunity to choose from a list of domain names that you can use for your subdomain. When prompted on the order page, it would be beneficial for you to choose a domain name that is relevant to the service you wish to promote.

      Website and Installation : Instant / Free
    Hosting Fees : $7.95 / month after free trial
    Additional Costs : None

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