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Product Details :
FSO Affiliate Business Loan Website - (3 Months Free Hosting ) - Order Form
Please complete all details in the form below in order to set up your new website ... .
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PLEASE NOTE: Your new website will be hosted as a "subdomain plan".

This means that you will choose from one of the domains names that we have available and insert your own subdomain prefix into it.

The address of your website will then be in the format "www.yoursubdomain.ourdomain.net"

This allows you to create your own unique website address without the expense associated with the purchase (and ongoing renewal) of a domain name.

In the process of selecting a subdomain.domain combination, you should aim to reflect the type of product or service that you want your new website to promote.

This can have significant benefits in achieving good search engine rankings and attracting the right visitors to your website.

For example, if you are creating a website that you intend to use to attract visitors who are looking to compare prices on "widgets" in the state of California, you might use a subdomain.domain combination like "californiawidgets.quoteplease.net" ... or "cheapwidgetsincalifornia.eziquotes.net".

Here is an example of how you would create a website with the sub domain californiawidgets.quoteplease.net

Choose Your Subdomain Name
We recommend that you look first at the list of available domain names from the drop-down list below for something suitable to your purpose before deciding on an appropriate subdomain prefix.
Subdomain Name

PyjamaPeople 1.10